The first Virtual Conference on Mechanical Fatigue (VCMF 2020) is organised by the University of Porto (FEUP, Portugal), the Wroclaw University of Science and Technology (Poland) and the ESIS/TC12 Technical Committee (European Structural Integrity Society – ESIS), to be held on 9-11 September 2020. This conference is intended to be a forum of discussion of new research concepts, equipment, technology, materials and structures and other scientific advances within the field of mechanical fatigue and fracture. It is expected contributions from engineers, metallurgists, material scientists, among others, allowing a very multidisciplinary discussion.


Contributions are accepted but not limited to the following topics:

  • Cyclic plasticity and internal structure
  • Ultra-low, low-, high- and giga-cycle fatigue
  • Mechanisms of fatigue damage
  • Fatigue thresholds
  • Short and long crack growth
  • Fatigue life prediction
  • Fatigue behaviour modelling and simulation
  • Creep-fatigue interactions
  • Probabilistic fatigue and fracture
  • Failure analysis and case studies-
  • Fatigue life extension-
  • Damage evaluation and fatigue design
  • Variable amplitude loading
  • Thermal fatigue
  • Multiaxial fatigue
  • Fatigue in biomaterials
  • High temperature fatigue
  • Fatigue-corrosion
  • Environmental assisted fatigue
  • Influence of manufacturing processes on fatigue behaviour
  • Structural integrity assessments accounting for fatigue
  • Applications and design codes (e.g. pressure vessels, metallic bridges, wind towers, offshore structures, etc)

Keynote Lectures

  • Alfonso Fernández-Canteli (University of Oviedo, Spain)
    • A comprehensive phenomenological methodology for descriptive and predictive probabilistic analysis of fatigue phenomena as cumulative damage processes


  • Andrei Kotousov (The University of Adelaide, Australia)
    • Analysis of fatigue crack closure with three-dimensional yield-strip model


  • Peter Huffman (Successful-Failure Consulting Corp., USA)
    • The influence of monotonic damage which precedes cyclic loading


  • Xu Chen (Tianjin University, China)
    • Fatigue behavior of 2.25Cr1Mo0.25V steel under strain-controlled and stress-controlled fatigue-creep interaction at elevated temperature


Keynote lectures will be available soon.


Preliminary Programme is available in PDF format for download here.

Book of Abstracts

VCMF 2020 Book of Abstracts is available in PDF file for download here.